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Domaine Francis Blanchet

Méthode traditionelle

Formerly called Méthode Champenoise, this vinification method consists in a second fermentation in bottle. After the first fermentation in vat, the wine is filtered and added with sugar and yeasts. Then the wine is bottled and stoppered with a crown-cap. The bottles are stored horizontally: the wine is said to be on laths and to do the bottle fermentation. During this period (at least 9 months), the wine becomes sparkling.

Once the bottle fermentation is over, we riddle the bottles: we put them on sloping racks and turn them every day so that the deposit formed on the bottle side during the fermentation can slide into the bottle neck. Disgorging and dosage of the bottles: once the deposit is concentrated in the cap area, we stand the bottle vertically and open it. The deposit is ejected under the effect of gas pressure. Then we add a sugar-based preparation called dosage, which will define the type of wine (dry or half-dry).
To finish, the bottle is corked and wired.

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